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Are Fire Ants Life-Threatening Pests? How To Control Them?

Fire ants are the most dangerous ants that live in the house and gardens. They look beautiful but their sting is poisonous. Many ants are not dangerous but fire ants are a threat to humans. Ants are always roaming around in the kitchens to search for food. They are annoying and hard to control.

Fire ants are found in warm climates and need water for surviving in warm places. They live near the ponds, leaky pipes. They are also attracted to oily & greasy foods, seeds, dog & cat food. All types of ants bite but their sting never infects you. Fire ants are not the same as black ants they release poisonous stings into the human body.

Fire ants might cause death. They are a threat to you and your family’s life. Fire ants are very aggressive when any human tries to harm them. Stay away from these ants as much possible as you can. They are dangerous to your health. Fire ant’s sting cause a systematic reaction like serum sickness, nephritic syndrome, and the most dangerous is cardiopulmonary diseases.  

Suggestions to remove fire ants from your house

These ants are not safe for your health can sting anytime and anywhere in your house. They can bite you in the bed while sleeping. It is dangerous to your children who never get what happened to them. Do not take any action against them without any precautions.

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