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Yellow Jacket Control Service

  • Treatment with Internationally certified Pest Control chemicals
  • Pest removal assured, 30 Days Service Warranty
  • Highly trained & Background verified technicians


What is Meant By Yellow Jacket?

Yellow Jackets are members of the “wasp” genera. Indians call them as “Tataiya”. They look somehow similar to honey bees due to their structure and similar feature of stinging. Getting rid of the yellowjacket nest is not an easy task. Approaching their nest’s entrance makes them aggressive. They then tend to sting multiple times, making it painful and sometimes allergic for us as humans. This is the reason people become hypersensitive to them after yellow jackets sting them. 


Considering all these issues, it is important for us to contact a pest control service or to be precise, a yellowjacket control service, in case we find a yellowjacket nest at our home or workplace. Manual attempts of removing the nests bare-handed would ultimately result in yellowjackets stinging us.


How Pest Control Services Gets Rid of Yellowjackets

Pest Control Services has expert professionals who have ample knowledge on how to remove yellowjacket nests effectively and with ease. Some of the techniques used are:

  • Baits – typically protein baits

  • Sprays

  • Foams

  • Traps

  • Follow-up precautions

  • Chemical-free pest control like hanging imitation nests